Microsoft lanseaza SP3 pentru Windows XP la sfarsitul anului

Microsoft is set to release not only Windows Server 2008, but also Windows XP Service Pack 3 later this year, according to a recent press release on Microsoft PressPass. It has been suspected in the past that Windows XP SP2 would end up as the final service pack released for the operating system, but apparently these suspicions can now be laid to rest.

This information came in conjunction with the announcement that Windows XP SP3 as well as Windows Vista will gain support for interoperability between Microsoft’s Network Address Protection (NAP) and Juniper Network’s Unified Access Control (UAC) standards for network access control (NAC) deployments.

The feature set for Windows XP Service Pack 3 is however still unannounced.

Sursa: neowin.net

Cei care au licenta (si nu-l pirateaza) si actualizeaza automat windows-ul pe net nu o sa aiba mari surprize odata cu noul SP3.

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