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Companiile IT internationale se muta in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania (Reuters) — In the mobile phone version of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” video game, the torches hanging along the dark walls of Hogwarts glow in an eerily realistic fashion.

“We invented the technology, it’s called ‘dynamic lighting’,” said Mihai Pohontu, general manager of Romania’s mobile phone branch of Electronic Arts Inc, the world’s biggest video game publisher.

Romanian programmers, such as Pohontu’s team, are among the most sought-after in the world as large international IT companies turn to the east European country to take advantage of strong computing and language skills coupled with cheap labor.

Its computer literacy is not without its dark side — the country has an unenviable reputation as a hotbed for computer fraud and a large community of hackers.

But legitimate IT is one of Romania’s fastest growing export sectors with turnover of about 1 billion euros ($1.38 billion).

Roughly 90 percent of some 1,000 IT companies in Romania are foreign-owned and the government hopes exports will reach 1 billion euros in the next couple of years.

In February, Bill Gates opened a Microsoft Corp. technical support center in Bucharest. The investment followed, among others, the launch of a development center by Inc in the university town of Iasi in 2005.

That is the online retailer’s only software development hub in Europe besides one in Scotland’s Edinburgh. Other centers are located in India, the United States and South Africa.

“Romanian programmers are exceptionally creative. And in games, you need to explore,” said Pohontu.

Citeste intregul articol.

Companiile sunt nemultumite ca salariile o sa cresca chiar daca vor chiar daca nu vor pentru ca programatorii vor avea optiunea de a pleca in strainatate si sa vedem cum vor sari cu banii ca sa nu plece.

Tocmai am iesìt din Satul de Vacanta

Relatez de pe mobil:
Tocmai am plecat
din Satul de Vacanta din sutatiunea Mamaia.
Multumesc celor ce au urmarit posturile de azi.

Acum stau pe plaja

In momentul acesta stau pe plaja la Mamaia si ma prajesc la soare.
Am facut o gramada de poze, le voi posta pe blog cand voi avea ocazia.

Era sa ramanem fara motorina in drum spre mare

Nici nu am iesit bine din GALATI spre CONSTANTA si era sa ramanem fara motorina deoare la 3 benzinarii nu am gasit motorina.
Acum am ajuns la trecerea de la Giurgeni si tocmai am relatat de pe mobil.

Maine plec la Constanta

Relatez de pe mobil:
Maine de dimineta plec la mare pentru cateva zile si va voi relata tot ce este in trend (fite, gunoaie si servicii de proasta calitate.)
Voi profita de zilele de soare si voi incerca sa fac un pic de bronz sa nu mi se zica arian.
Planific sa fac o gramada de fotografii sa le uploadez pe toate pe un site gen FLICKR dar cu upload nelimitat gratuit care se numeste ZOOOMR.